Antique French Fireman's Helmet of the City of Fontenay sur Conie. France, 1890

Antique firefighter helmet manufactured in France at the end of the 19th century. Original and in excellent condition. Collector's item.



Striking antique polished-brass firefighter helmet from Fontenay sur Conie (France) made in the late 19th century (1890). The helmet is an antique and original item that was once used by a member of the fire department of the stated French city. It is in very good condition: the brass looks great, shiny and polished, with only very slight dents and signs of use that talk us about the helmets past. At the front we can see a gorgeous brass detail depicting a shield on laurel branches. The shield contains a burning log and is surmounted by a stone wall with four turrets. There is also a band with the inscription SAPEURS POMPIERS FONTENAY SUR CONIE (Fontenay sur Conie Fire Department). The helmet also preserves the original leather strap with its metal belt and the inner lining that makes it possible to wear it comfortably. Beautiful and authentic, this antique French firefighter helmet from the late 19th century will shine in any collection or showcase.

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