Antique Sapper-Fireman’s Helmet from the City of Paris. Model 1855/72

Outstanding sapper-firemans helmet from Paris mod. 1855/72. In very good condition. Original piece with a remarkable decorative power.



Superb antique sapper-firemans helmet from the City of Paris model 1855/72, made in France in the 19th century and in great condition. The helmet belonged once to a member of the French sapieurs-pompeurs corps (sappers-firemen) which was then in charge of the duty assumed today by civil firemen. In 1831, it was established in France that the cities and villages could use army forces to fight fires. In 1852, the soldiers who had performed this duty became civil servants by law and would belong to the stated corps from then on. Moreover, in 1875 a decree was emitted in order to regulate the duties and the status of the Sapeurs-Pompiers. The helmet that we can see in the images is made of brass and is composed of different parts, joined by rivets. At the front we can see a gorgeous embossed brass detail with the coat of arms of the City of Paris and the inscription SAPIEURS POMPIERS DE PARIS. The motif is flanked by two branches: a laurel branch to the left and an oak branch to the right. The helmet is crowned by a remarkable big-sized parade crest adorned with a front volute and side classic-style engraved details. The crest shows an ancient repair, small in size and not very visible. At the right side of the helmet (seen from a front view) there is a brass piece which supports a black hair plume. It is composed of a thick natural horsehair mane, original from the time. The back side of the article is trimmed by a back cap with the engraved serial number 4743. Just over the number there is an engraved inscription: J.F. GOUÉRIE ET CIE, the name of the manufacturer. This antique sapper-firemans helmet from the City of Paris model 1855/72 will stand out in any good collection of historic and military antiques.

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