Antique French Fire Officer's Helmet of the City of Cheffes. France 1890

Spectacular antique fire officer helmet, from France and in an impressive state of preservation. Piece of great decorative potential.



Outstanding antique fire-office helmet made in France 1890 and in wonderful condition. The helmet belonged once to a member of the fire department of the city of Cheffes, France, and is a remarkable piece for its shiny and polished look, really surprising in such an antique piece. It is made of chrome-plated metal; its surface looks even and shows no traces of rust or wear. At the front, the helmet is adorned with a fine brass detail depicting a shield with a bomb with flames coming out. Over the shield there is a stone wall with four turrets and a band with the inscription SAPEURS POMPIERS DE CHEFFES (Cheffes Fire Department). On top of the band, the chromed metal bears an embossed motif with the same burning bomb of the shield. The helmet preserves the original leather strap with metal belt used to attach the item to the firemans head, that is broken, and the inner lining that makes it more comfortable to wear too. Its great look and amazing condition turn this antique French fire-officer helmet into an exclusive piece worthy of inclusion in the best collection of special antiques.

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