Antique French Fireman's helmet of the City of Saint Martin le Vinoux. France, 1890

Beautiful antique french firefighter helmet in excellent condition. Original period piece. Very decorative item.



Gorgeous antique firefighters helmet belonging to the fire department of Saint Martin le Vinoux, France. The helmet is dated in 1890; though it is a really ancient piece, it has survived to our days in really good condition and stands out for its bright shine and lovely design. The metal surface looks shiny and even, with no dents or signs of rust. At the front the helmet bears a brass cut and embossed detail that depicts a shield with a bonfire. Over the shield there is a wall with four turrets and on top of both motifs we can see a band with the inscription SAPEURS POMPIERS ST MARTIN LE VINOUX (Fire Department of St Martin le Vinoux). Crowning the helmet, the helmet is decorated with an embossed motif depicting a burning bottle (a bomb). The leather strap designed to fit the helmet under the firemans chin is the original one and remains in great condition; so does the inner lining designed to fit the helmet comfortably on the users head. Its lovely look and great condition are reasons enough to include this antique French polished-brass firefighters helmet in any collection of special antiques.

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