Antique French Fireman's Helmet from the City of Petite Raon. France, 1890

Decorative and antique French firefighter helmet with more than 100 years old. Impeccably preserved. Magnificent exhibition piece.



Fine and antique French firefighters helmet, wonderfully preserved and with a remarkable decorative potential. This helmet once belonged to the fire department of the French city of Petite Raon and is dated circa 1890. It boasts an almost impeccable condition: made of polished brass, it shows no flaws, dents or signs of rust that could diminish its great look. At the front, just over the visor the helmet is adorned with a fine brass detail depicting a shield over a branch with leaves. The shield contains a spherical bottle with flames coming out of its mouth (a bomb); over the shield there is a wall with four turrets. Crowning this detail there is a band with the inscription POMPIERS PETITE RAON (Petite Raon Fire Department) engraved in the metal. On top of the band we can see the burning bomb again, this time embossed in the own helmet. The item preserves the adjustment leather strap with the original metal belt and the inner lining designed to wear the helmet comfortably. Perfect to be exhibited in a collection of curious high-quality pieces, this awesome and antique French firefighters helmet will stand out for its beauty and authenticity.

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