Antique French Dragoon’s Helmet Model 1874. France, 19th Century

Striking French dragoons helmet in fine condition. Awesome. With mark and original horsehair plume.



Spectacular antique French dragoons helmet model 1874, made in France in the 19th century and in fine condition. The helmet preserves almost all its original component parts, though the inner lining is missing. The plume which crowns the parade crest is made of natural horsehair, original from the time and well preserved. The helmet shows some signs of the trace of time, but these details only add to its essence as they tell us about its ancient age and history; unknown, but surely fascinating. The silver-chromed finish is worn in some points, but the metal remains in good condition and shows no dents or cracks. Overall, the helmet has preserved its magnificent presence and is currently a powerfully decorative piece. At the front we can see a golden metal detail with the image of a flaming spherical bottle flanked by two laurel wreaths. Over these detail we find the original leather chinstraps, attached to both sides by metal rivets. The helmet is crowned by a golden parade crest, big in size and decorated with a front mask and side vegetal-inspired motifs. Over the mask we can see an embossed motif composed of two intertwined snakes. At the back of the helmet, finally, we can see the engraved inscription A. GODILLOT. This amazing antique French dragoons helmet model 1874 evokes fierce battles and a past of grandeur, being worthy of the best collection.French Dragoons History The origin of the French dragoons is quite uncertain. Their ancestors could be the Macedonian dimacos, cavalry soldiers who could also fought on foot. The first news about them date from 1554, when Charles de Cossé, Marshall of Brissac, creates a corps composed of mounted gunmen who travelled on horseback but fought on foot. The name dragoons could come from the image of a dragon which (supposedly) adorned the Marshalls flags, or maybe from an ancient gun called dragoon. In 1622 the dragoons have become a reality; in fact, the German expert Johann Jacob von Wallhausen defined them as a mounted infantry corps. The soldiers were armed with muskets and pikes. France created many dragoon regiments; in 1685, Louis the 15th sent them all over the reign to fight and convert the protestants. During the Napoleonic era, dragoons took part in many contents and campaigns, the Spanish invasion among them. Currently, the French army preserves three dragoon regiments, the 2nd, the 5th and the 13th.

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