Antique French Shako for Grenadiers’ Officer Model 1848. France, 19th Century

Antique French Shako for grenadiers officer, model 1848. In good condition. Original piece.



Antique French shako for grenadiers officer model 1848, made in France in the 19th century and in good condition. The helmet is complete except for the pompom, which is missing. The shako is a type of high military helmet with front peak whose origin is not clear. Some experts think that it could be an evolution of late-18th-century French top hats, while other establish its origin in Austro-Hungarian helmets and hats from the same time. In 1801 the shako was incorporated for the first time in the Prussian army, and was afterwards used by some of their troops during the Napoleonic Wars. The shako that we can see in these images belonged once to the French army and is adorned with the eagle of the Grenadiers at the front. The black felt outer covering is finely preserved, and so are the peak and the top band. Inside the helmet keeps the original leather reinforcement. This antique shako for grenadiers officer model 1848 is a museum piece, worthy to belong to a great collection of military antiques.

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