Antique Ultrafine Pocket Watch by Paul Ditisheim. 18K Gold. Switzerland, Circa 1925

Superb antique ultrafine Solvil watch by Paul Ditisheim. 18K gold. Outstanding design.



Beautiful antique ultrafine pocket watch by Paul Ditisheim in 18K gold, made in Switzerland circa 1925 and in very good condition. This is a Solvil watch, a brand patented by Paul Ditisheim and acquired later by Voguel. We can see the brand and the name printed in the white dial, with cobalt-blue Arab numerals which turn from blue to black depending on the light. The golden hands show a Breguet-style design. The casing is made of 18K gold and has hallmarks in the pendant and the rear cap. The case is made of yellow gold. and the cap, of white gold. This cap opens with a push system and bears no hinges. Inside, together with the gold marks we can see the serial number 302007. Stylish and of a high quality, this beautiful antique ultrafine pocket watch by Paul Ditisheim in 18K gold is a real collectors piece in great working order. Dimensions: Width: 48 mm.Paul Ditisheim History Paul Ditisheim, watchmaker and inventor, was born in La Chaux-de-Fondos, Switzerland, in 1868. He belonged to a powerful family of watchmakers and industrials. He first worked in the family business, Vulcain, until 1892. Then he founds his own brands: Solvil and Titus. As an inventor, he developed a new generation of chronometers and invented de affix balance. His designs were awarded many prizes Ditisheim even worked with Physics Nobel prize winner Charles-Edouard Guillaume and is considered the father of the modern chronometers. In 1920 he sells his patents to Paul Bernard Voguel, who includes them in his powerful company. In 1925 Ditisheim moves to Paris, where he works with an earth oils chemist to develop watch and clock oils. During World War II he is persecuted for being a Jew, so he moves to Nice, where he lived until a year before his death in Geneva, in 1945.

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