Very Rare Antique 22K Solid Gold Pocket-Watch Chain. Circa 1900

Beautiful and rare gold pocket-watch chain. Entirely engraved by hand. In fine condition.



Very rare 22K solid gold pocket-watch chain, made circa 1900 and remarkably beautiful. The chain is entirely made of almost pure gold and shows an amazing decoration which covers all the links and ornaments. At the end which does not connect with the watchs ring there is a gorgeous gold figure depicting a female roe deer nursing its child. The figure is charming and shows a high attention to detail which makes a perfect match with the fine decoration of the rest of the chain. The ring bears a hallmark which testifies for the quality of the piece, probably from Portugal. As beautiful as exclusive, this rare 22K solid gold pocket-watch chain more than one hundred years old is an exceptional piece, perfect to complement the most stylish watch. Dimensions: Length: 11.22 in / 28.5 cm. Weight: 54.59 g.

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