Antique German Surgery Set. Germany, Circa 1880

Amazing surgery set in excellent condition. Complete and original from the late 1800s. Collectors piece.



Antique German surgery set made in Germany circa 1880 and complete. This singular equipment for the practice of surgery comes in its original storing case, a long wooden box outside covered in black leather and with a rich purple velvet inner lining. At the lid, the velvet is printed with the name R. DETERT BERLIN, clearly legible. The outer covering is somewhat worn by the trace of time and the use, but it is still complete. The case contains a complete surgical set composed of different tools, some of them with slight differences. A possible reason for this is that the tools went missing and were substituted by new ones, made by other firms. None of them bears a mark or a signature except for a knife, with the blade marked STREHNR. The set includes an amputation saw, tweezers, pliers, scalpels and an amputation tourniquet. Authentic and with a great charm, this antique German surgery set will be the starring piece of a collection of medicine-related items. Dimensions: Width: 16.34 in / 41.5 cm. Depth: 5.12 in / 13 cm. Open: Depth: 10.24 in / 26 cm.

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