Parasol Set, 1910

Exotic set to personalize umbrellas in wood and carved silver. France, 1910. Original case.



This curious and attractive item is a set of accessories made of wood and silver, designed to personalize and embellish a parasol. It is a French piece made in the early 20th century that has survived to our days in excellent condition. The set is complete and comes in its original case. All the pieces are highly elegant and the wooden pole with silver handle is wonderfully preserved, as if time had not passed over it.This particular element is made of solid citronella wood and boasts a flat and regular cylindrical shape. The wood shows off its nice light color dotted with the typical eyes that make up this woods veneer. The handle, as stated before, is made of hand-engraved solid silver. The contrast between the soft satin wood surface and the shiny and cold metal turns this item into a luxurious piece. The metal is engraved by hand with embossed motives depicting flowery garlands and ribbons. In the center we can see two crossed trumpets. This decoration is performed at both sides, framed by architectural-style motives.The set also contains a ferrule for the parasols tip and eight tips for the ribs. These element show slight signs of wear due to the trace of time but are generally well preserved. All the pieces can be stored into the original case, an elegant narrow and long box covered of reddish leather. The lid is outside decorated with a slim white fringe and in the center we can see the engraved initials M.B. Inside the case is lined with white satin in wonderful condition. Printed on the delicate fabric we can see the jewelers name and address, a shop located in Paris: J- Garnier A. Royer.The original quality of this set and its beautifully making turn it into an exclusive and special article.Measurements: Pole with Handle (Length): 350 mm/13.7 in.

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