Antique Silver Pocket Watch Chain. 19th Century

Delicate antique silver pocket watch chain over a hundred years old. In good condition. One hundred percent guaranteed silver.



Gorgeous antique solid-silver pocket watch chain, made in the 19th century and in excellent condition. The metal has been submitted to an acid test and we can guarantee it is one-hundred-per-cent solid silver though the piece bears no hallmarks. The chain is designed to be connected to the watch and hung from a waistcoats buttonhole. The design is really attractive and delicate: the piece is composed of three sections of silver links, two of them connected by a fine silver tassel. The other two are joined by a small silver bar with a ball at each end. The snap click at the other end is also made of silver and works perfectly, making it possible to hung the watch safely. This antique solid-silver pocket watch chain is an ancient jewel, an authentic and well-preserved piece. Measurement: Length: 10.8 in / 37 cm.

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