Antique French Cruets Set in Solid Silver. Paris, France between 1819 and 1838

Superb set of cruets in solid silver. Magnificently preserved. All the pieces have contrasts that allow to date the set.



Antique French solid-silver cruet set made in Paris between 1819 and 1938. The cruets are made of one-hundred-per-cent solid silver and fine crystal, original from the time. The set is composed of a stand with small legs and a central handle. The stand is rectangular in shape and shows off a classic design; the cruets stand just on top of it. The set bears different hallmarks used in France between 1819 and 1838 (the time when the monarchy was restored). We can see a mark with a womans profile which indicates that the set was made in Paris, and the profile of a bearded man which guarantees it is made of 950 silver. The hallmarks are stamped in the bases border and inner side. The cruets silver bases depict a couple dressed with classical clothes, with a pedestal between them on which a small bonfire burns. The stands legs are shaped as winged lions heads; at the central handles foot we can see an engraved lions face too. The handle is covered of complicated engraved motifs. The cruets are entirely made of crystal, with original lids and handles of the same material. For its delicacy and balanced design, this antique French solid-silver cruet set will stand out surely on an elegant sideboard or into a showcase. Measurements: Width: 9.4 in / 25 cm. Depth:5 in / 12.5 cm. Height: 13.2 in / 33 cm.

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