Antique Solid-Silver Box or Jewelry Box. Circa 1950. Probably Italian.

Beautiful silver box or jewel case made in the mid-10th century. Finely preserved. Romantic design with set rhinestone.



Solid-silver box or jewelry box made circa 1950, probably Italian and in very good condition. This is a very special piece for its delicate design, clearly romantic in style, and in excellent condition. If we turn the box upside down, at the base we will see two somewhat worn hallmarks that testify for the silvers quality. The box stands on four small curved legs that provide it with height and lightness. The legs match the hand-engraved decoration that embellishes the lid; this decoration is composed of elegant symmetrical volutes which cover the edges. In the middle of the lid there is an embossed flowery detail with a green rhinestone, original from the period and well preserved. The boxs sides are adorned with more embossed flowers, similar to those which frame the rhinestone. Inside the box is covered of red velvet, in good condition too. This gorgeous solid-silver box or jewel case, probably Italian, will surely shine on a stylish dressing table. Dimensions: Width: 4.53 in / 11.5 cm. Depth: 3.95 in / 10 cm. Height: 2.17 in / 5.5 cm. Weight: 220 g.

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