Antique Solid-Silver Enameled Cigar Box. France, 19th Century. Napoleon III

Amazing silver cigar box with enameled decoration. Napoleon III period. With hand-engraved motifs.



Gorgeous antique solid-silver cigar box with enameled decoration, coming from France and made in the 19th century (Napoleon III period). This piece stands out for its excellent manufacture, showing off a very detailed and elegant decoration with engraved motifs and enamels. The box is small in size and rectangular in shape. The lid is adorned with a big central romantic-style enameled plate with the portrait of a young woman accompanied by a pigeon. The bird has a red ribbon tied to the neck; the girl is holding the other end of the ribbon with her hand. The figure is sitting in a balcony or terrace and is dressed according to the fashions of the day. The enamel shows a great color palette and an amazing attention to detail. Framing the central motif, the lid is covered by a gorgeous enameled decoration with abstract blue and black motifs that seem to prefigure the art deco style which would come some decades later. The back of the box is adorned with hand-engraved motifs, with a central non-engraved shield designed to host the owners initials. Inside the box has the original blue lining and preserves the compartments for the cigars in fine condition. This antique solid-silver cigar box with enamels is a real old-time jewel, a luxury and charming item worthy to belong to a fashionable and stylish owner. Dimensions: Width: 3.15 in / 8 cm. Height: 5.51 in / 14 cm. Depth: 1 in / 2.5 cm. Weight: 130 g.

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