Set of 10 Solid-Silver Under-dishes Made in Spain in the 18th Century. 5 kilos

Stately set of 10 silver dishes in amazing condition. With hallmarks. Perfect for great celebrations.



Stylish set of 10 solid-silver under-dishes made in Spain in the 18th century with hallmarks. These wonderful dishes make up a very luxurious set, bound to embellish and enhance a dining table in the most special celebrations. These accessories are usually set under porcelain dishes, creating a very elegant effect. The only decoration of these dishes is provided by the curved and molded borders, a simple and effective detail. The hallmarks that we can see in the dishes identify antique silver pieces made in Madrid, Spain in the 18th century. This stately set of 10 solid-silver dishes made in the 18th century will stand out in the most elegant dining table, enhancing the beauty of the best crockery. Dimensions: Diameter: 27 cm. Weight of Each Dish: 516 g. Total Weight: 5 kg. 160 g.

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