Striking Antique Solid Gilt-Silver Cutlery Set by Odiot. Paris, Circa 1900

Wonderful silver cutlery set by Odiot. Complete and in amazing condition. Original storing case.



Striking Antique gilt-silver cutlery set by Odiot, made in Paris circa 1900 and complete. The set contains 12 services of 8 pieces of cutlery and includes four salt shakers and ten serving utensils (110 pieces in all). The pieces are all made of solid silver except a set of knives with steel blade and silver handle. The tools are extremely beautiful and combine gilt and non-gilt-silver parts, creating an original effect which will fill with charm the most elegant table. The utensils bear the name ODIOT engraved at the spine, while the cases lid has an embedded brass piece with a coat of arms and the count crown. The cutlery shows a stylish classic design, with stylized handles which widen at the end and delicate embossed motifs. These motifs are abstract and symmetrical, as discreet as elegant. The gilt parts preserve the finish in excellent condition, uniform and even. The set includes four fine silver-and-glass salt and pepper shakers and a complete set of serving tools, containing ten pieces. All the utensils are stored in the original solid-oak wooden case, an impressive chest in great condition and with the original brass reinforcements and handles. The lids inner lining has a printed inscription reading Maison ODIOT FAB-que ORFÉVRERIE PARÍS and we can also see the firms name engraved at the lock. The case comes with a key though the lock is not functional. This striking gilt-silver cutlery set by Odiot with 12 sets and 110 utensils will shine in the most special celebrations. Cases Dimension: Width: 20.6 in / 52.5 cm. Height: 7.5 in / 19 cm. Depth: 11.4 in / 29 cm. Odiot Goldsmiths History Odiot is a goldsmith firm founded in Paris in 1690 by Jean Baptiste Gaspar Odiot. It is one of the most renowned firms in all the world, since the reign of Louis XV to our days. Jean Baptiste was acknowledged as one of the best goldsmiths of his time and preserved his fame during the 18th century, when he was awarded the title of royal supplier. He was famous for his exceptional creations and his immense talent. His grandson, Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot, increased the firms prestige during the Empire. In this era the firm produced their most famous pieces, such as the Cradle of the King of Rome or the Emperors Campaign Service. The tradition was preserved by Charles Nicolas Odiot who became the official supplier of king Louis Philippe and his family. In those times, the pieces made by the firm stood out for their return to the Rococo style. The firms prestige expanded and Odiot became supplier by the greatest and most powerful families. Today, Odiot is still active and maintains their quality standards and global prestige.

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