Antique Columbus Earth Globe. Big Size. Germany, Circa 1930

Imposing big-sized Columbus earth globe. With a compass at the foot and in very good condition. Original from the period.



Wonderful antique Columbus earth globe, big-sized and in good condition. This singular piece was made in Germany in the 1930s by the prestigious maker, a company that is still active and constantly innovating. The globe stands out for its big size (12 inches in diameter) and excellent condition. The surface shows no signs of wear except for a small flaw located to the left of the African continent. This detail, though, does not interfere with the items remarkable beauty. The maps preserve their fine colors, which have acquired a lovely patina through the year. The original black German inscriptions also remain in fine condition, perfectly legible. The support which holds the globe in place is made of solid-oak wood, protected by a fine dark walnut finish. The arch that connects with the axes ends is made of brass and bears an engraved scale to measure the latitude (North and South). Embedded at the wooden foot we can see a small compass in working order, original from the time and as well preserved as the rest of the piece. The globe also bears the manufacturers mark printed at the bottom, to the left off Australia: a black diamond with the items name, COLUMBUS ERDGLOBUS. This antique Columbus earth globe, big and in good condition, is a gorgeous piece which will provide any part of the house with style and nobleness. Dimensions: Foots Width: 9 in / 22.5 cm. Globes Diameter: 12 in / 30 cm. Height: 26 in / 65 cm.Columbus Globes - HistoryIn 1909 Paul Oestergaard founded Columbus in Berlin with the mission statement A Columbus globe for every home. In few years the company had grown exponentially and was exporting their products worldwide. Their innovations dominated with market, with an ever-growing production. In those times Columbus globes were manufactured in 24 languages, but in 1942 production fell victim to the war. After war ended, the company resurged and in 1948 started a factory in Stuttgart. Production restarted and in a few years the firm had regained its position. In the early 1960s they launched the DUO globe, which could show two maps simultaneously. In the beginning of the 21th century the firm surprised the industry with a globe which levitated freely in a magnetic field. Today Columbus keeps on standing out for their innovations and constantly-growing production.

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