Antique Factory Internal Telephone. Complete. Circa 1900

Complete intercom telephone obtained from a factory. With all its original component parts. Collectors piece.



Antique Factory intercom telephone, complete and in very good condition. This is an amazing collectors piece which preserves all its original component parts and pieces. Both inside and outside the device is finely preserved, including the old-time original wiring. The design is simple and functional: it consists on a small solid-oak wooden cabinet with twenty black bakelite buttons and a handset. When pressing each button, the user could communicate with the corresponding section of the factory. The wood the cabinet is made of is in good condition, displaying the beautiful golden color and marked veneer distinctive of oak wood. The side hook where the handset is hung is made of silvery metal and is in flawless condition, looking and shiny and even as the first day. The handset is made of wood and metal, both covered by a black painted finish. It is complete though the finish shows slight signs of wear caused by the use; the twisted handset cord is the original one and is in good condition. If we open the cabinet, inside we will discover the complex old-time wiring; the mechanism keeps all the original component parts and wires, perfectly organized and connected. This antique factory intercom telephone is an original piece, quite decorative and well preserved. Ideal for a good collection, is also worthy to belong to a museum of telecommunications. Measures: Length, 10 inches (25 cms); width, 8.66 inches (22 cms); height, 3.54 inches (9 cms)

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