Antique Intercom Telephone. Spain, 1940's

Attractive antique intercom telephone used in a railroad station. Complete wiring.



Amazing antique railway interphone or intercom telephone made in Spain in the 1940s. This fascinating device was part of the equipment of a Spanish railway station, where it was used for communications with the central. The interphone is in very good condition and preserves the complete wiring. All its component parts and pieces are original from the period, from the solid wooden box to the bakelite handset. The box is made of solid oak wood, wonderfully preserved and with a very special beauty. It shows off the oaks fine golden veneer that stands out on the dark Brown background and creates a dynamic and natural effect. Attached to the wooden front piece, the two metal bells boast their fine chromed shine on the satin-finish wood. They are well preserved and show no visible bumps or signs of wear. The same applies to the side crank, made of metal and with a black bakelite handle. The crank is in great working order. The equipment also mounts a side switch hook, a black-painted metal piece that supports the handset; the handset itself shows off a great condition and keeps the original spiral cord that connects it to the mechanism. If we open the boxs door we will see the telephones inner mechanism and check that all its component parts and pieces are in good condition. The wiring is fully original and the connections are all right. Attached to the inner side of the door we can see a black paper sticker with a printed scheme showing the devices different parts and connections. There is also a printed inscription with instructions for use and data about the interphone, for example the subscribers number (5504-H). The metal piece that connects the switch hook to the box bears another engraved number: 5507-1. This antique interphone is an original and lovely piece that will shine as part of the decoration of a stylish home. Measurements: Width: 5.9 in / 15 cm. Height: 8.2 in / 21 cm.

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