German Telephone, 40's

Decorative original German telephone from the 40's of the 20th century. In perfect condition and working.



Wonderful classic telephone from the 1940s, an authentic vintage model that has survived to our days in excellent condition. This telephone comes from Germany and is made of black bakelite, which shows off its attractive shiny finish and deep black color with no sign of wear. The item keeps all its original pieces and parts, both the inside mechanism and the outside components, and works perfectly. In order to be used to make and receive phone calls it has been fully adapted to current non-digital phone lines which we can find in many houses nowadays. In essence, this telephone is a decorative item and a practical piece at the same time.Together with its beauty and functionality, this telephones ancient age turns it into an exclusive and original item. It keeps the original spiral cord that connects the mouthpiece with the main body, and also other parts such as the dialing disk. This particular piece is made of black-lacquered metal and through the circular openings (designed to put the finger in to dial the numbers) we can see the numbers from 1 to 0 printed in white on a black background. The disk also bears the same white numbers though smaller in size. Just like the rest of the telephone, the disks lacquered finish is greatly preserved, with no signs of wear or scratches.Under the dialing disk there is a white cylindrical bakelite button that makes a strong contrast with the sober black overall. This button was surely used to directly connect with the phone operator. This is one more detail that completes the attractive design of this telephone that with the trace of times has become a historical piece, a part of the 20th centurys collective imagination. This item can be the best present for anybody who loves the most beautiful and authentic decorative objects, or a great gift for any lover of vintage devices.

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