English Astronomical Telescope 1907, In Perfect Working Condition.

Beautiful H. H. Sharland telescope from 1907. With all parts and in perfect working condition.



Beautiful astronomical telescope made of polished brass and iron, made in 1907 by H. H. Strand, a Londoner firm specialized in optical surveying instruments. It is a great article for astronomical observations, beautifully manufactured, which keeps all its lenses and screws in perfect condition. It is made of shiny polished brass and has a tripod with three smartly curved legs made of black iron. The brass also looks good, except for some slight bumps which in no way interfere with the operation and the aesthetic of the instrument. The legs show also some pitting, due to the use and the trace of time, but nevertheless the telescope is in good condition. In the telescope there is an engraved inscription, written in elegant capital letters. It says: Presented to the Pupils of the R. M. I. B. FOR THEIR INSTRUCTION AND AMUSEMENT BY BRD: WALTER F.POTTER, P. M. 1260. APRIL, 1907. R. I. M. B. probably stands for Royal Masonic Institution of Boys, an institution founded in London in 1793 which was granted the privilege Royal in 1883. The telescope seems to be a present, given by the mentioned person to the pupils of the institution. The instrument is as beautiful and smart as the first day. It is a long telescope which measures more than one meter long; the height of the tripod shows that it is a desk telescope. On one side of the device, in front of the eyepiece, we can see an engraved inscription with the name and city of the maker: H. H. SHARLAND LONDON. This is an instrument that lets us watch the sky neatly and precisely, and which at the same time is a lovely antique piece with wonderful looks. A really luxurious item, full of history and elegance, perfect to decorate a study or to enhance the most attractive living room. Measurements: 1160 mm length x 500 mm height.

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