Four Glasses, Circa 1900. Gilded Brass. Offers an Excellent Vision.

Elegant gilt brass spyglass, with 4 cm main lens and 30x magnification. With cover.



Fine four-draw spyglass scope, in very good condition in spite of its age. This is an optical instrument which was very probably used in navigation, dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The lenses are clean, with no coating, and the far away images can be seen through the eyepiece as the first day. Stylized and elegant, its barrels draw easily and nowadays is still possible to use this scope to view images. The objective lens is 5 cm in diameter, which provides an excellent quality of vision. This is a 30% magnification scope and when is fully open it reaches a length of 775 cm. The instrument keeps the original brass sliding cover, which protects the objective lens. The brass looks shiny and has still the original transparent varnish meant to prevent it from rusting. This scope was probably designed for marine use, as the vast majority of the scopes from those days. As well as being an interesting surveying instrument and a fascinating optical piece, this beautiful antique scope is also a great decorative item. It can be the perfect choice to be exhibited on a big desk or maybe into a showcase, becoming part of a great collection of technical, naval, military or engineering antiques. Whatever it is, the ancient age of this spyglass scope, the beauty of its severe making and the excellent view it provides are reason enough as to consider it a first-class piece, worthy of being owned by the most demanding lover of naval and scientific antiques. Measurements: 755 cm length (fully open) x 54 mm width.

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