Impertinent or Box Binoculars with Original Case. 20th Century. Good Condition

Charming mother-of-pearl binoculars with original case. S. XX. In good condition.



Lovely vintage theater binoculars, full of charm and in good condition. This beautiful item is preserved in its original case and was manufactured in the 20th century. Theater binoculars were very popular in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. They were used to watch staged plays and opera performances in detail from the theaters boxes, and as well as being functional objects, they were also luxury items whose value indicated their owners status. In this case the binoculars are covered by authentic mother-of-pearl plates, which turn them into a highly appealing piece. The lenses are in great condition and let the user see the objects far away like the first day of use. The mother-of-pearl which covers the piece comes in big longitudinal plates that keep their lovely white color with the typical iridescent glow of this wonderful material. The lenses are framed by a golden brass crown, with an inside black-lacquered finish. The central piece is also made of brass, and so are the eyepieces. The eyepieces are framed by two rings made of white bakelite, and in the center there is a small wheel made of the same material which allows the user to fine tune the focus. The piece comes in its original black leather case, with bright red satin linen inside. The linen is in very good condition and surely is responsible for the binoculars survive to our days in such good condition. The outside is slightly worn but can be easily restored. These theater binoculars are a first-class vintage item that will stand out in any collection of charming objects. Measurements: 95 mm length x 54 mm width.

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