Decorative Four-Body Glassescope, Manufactured in France in the XIX Century.

Attractive four bodies spyglass made of gilded brass and leather. XIX Century.



Fine antique four-draw telescope made of polished brass with a dark brown leather detail. This lovely naval article dates from the 19th century, and it is an antique and attractive piece. The telescope is in good condition and the sections draw perfectly. It can be shown folded or completely unfolded. Though this item is well preserved the objective has a slight crack and it does not provide a fully neat vision. Nevertheless, this telescope is a highly decorative item. The article keeps the original cover which protects the front objective, also made of polished brass. When unfolded, this antique instrument is 630 mm long. The brass it is made of boasts a beautiful old golden tone, which provides the piece with an unmistakable charm, quite different from modern reproductions of ancient telescopes. The leather which covers part of the main section (the one which contains the objective) is original and also shows the trace of time, being nevertheless in good condition.The first telescopes were made between the 17th and the 18th centuries. Up to now we still do not know exactly who invented the telescope, though it was first attributed to Galileo Galilei. Nowadays experts think that the first telescopes were made by Dutch opticals, and many consider Hans Lipperhey the father of these devices. Surely this particular telescope is also a witness of history, whose ancient age and beauty turn it into a great piece fit for the best collection. Measurements: Length: 630 mm. Eyepiece diameter: 45 mm.

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