Antique Set of 25 Glass Teaching Photographic Plates. France, Circa 1900

Magnificent set of 25 photographic plates on glass. Teaching material. Original wooden case.



Antique set of 25 photographic glass plates for teaching purposes, in very good condition and in their original wooden case. The set comes from France and was made circa 1900. It is complete and really well preserved. All the plates belong to the same set: they show a series of black-and-white meteorology-related drawings and schemes. The images are undeniably charming, as lovely as descriptive. One of the plates shows a portrait of the scientist and engineer Charles-Louis Weyher, born in Strasbourg in 1836 and died in 1916. Weyher was an arts and manufacturing engineer and for many years worked as an administrator for the Central Society of Machine-Building Weyher Loreau et Cie, later Weyher & Richemond. Weyher published important works on meteorology and was awarded the Great Prix of Mechanics in the Universal Exhibition held in 1878. He was also designed Officer of the Legion of Honor in 1889. The plates that make up this set show some of his own designs, all based on his investigations. The set is fully dedicated to showing the causes and the development of different weather events such as storms, twisters The drawings depict explicative schemes (some of them with cartouches in French) and images of experiments and devices designed to reproduce the events in the lab. There are also some images of constellations and planetary nebulas. The plates bear handwritten inscriptions with the contents description. The box that contains the set is made of solid wood and preserves the original hinges and locks. It is also very well preserved. Complete and quite ancient, this set of plates for teaching purposes will delight any lover of scientific antiques.

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