Schneider Valve Radio-Tocadiscos Schneider, Mod. Festival, France, 1954

Schneider Valve Radio-Tocadiscos, Mod. Festival, France, 1954. In perfect working order.



Beautiful and elegant multiband tube radio-turntable set. Of French origin. It is the Festival Model made by the Schneider factory. Very good condition and fully functional. The turntable is automatic, and has an automatic 45 rpm singles feeder. They operate at 3 different speeds, 33, 45, and 78 rpm. The radio is multiband, so it tunes to stations on all bands (OM, OL, OC x 2) with very good reception. It has a large internal antenna that can be adjusted by a knob on the front panel. It works at 220 V, so it does not need a transformer. It has seven tubes: 8EF93 x 2, ECH81, EBF80, EM34, EL84, EZ80. It has a permanent magnet elliptical speaker and output for an auxiliary speaker. It also has a magic eye for fine tuning. The turntable takes a little while to accelerate when the platter is completely stopped, as the motor has lost some of its starting power, so it is advisable to help it with a little push on the platter with your finger. On the other hand, it holds all speeds very well and can be used to listen to all types of records from the first gramophone records of 1905 to the vinyl records that are being reissued today in the middle of the 19th century. Gramophone records can be listened to without having to change needles for each record, as with gramophones, which is an added advantage. Measurements: 58 cm (width), 39 cm (depth), 38 cm (height).

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