French Radio Mahogany Veneered. Years 30 of S. XX. Working perfectly at 220 V

Vinix French radio made in the 30's of the 20th century. In perfect condition and working.



Great looking French radio made in the 1930s by Vinix (Paris). It is an elegant model which attracts our attention because of its good condition and the fact that it works perfectly at 220V, so it does not need a transformer if plugged in Europe. The radio has a rectangular shape, and the box is covered by mahogany wood veneers which make up an attractive symmetrical drawing (this technique is known as frisage). The box is standing on an ox bone-colored bakelite base, and the front shows four knobs and various elements made of the same material. The varnish is in very good condition and it surely enhances the beautiful reddish golden color of the wood, providing a warm shiny finish. On the left side we can see the radios speaker, covered by a metal perforated sheet and a circular white bakelite detail, which is crossed by some horizontal strips made of the same material. The right side is occupied by the big dial, in which we can see clearly different radio stations located in cities all over the world. Just over the dial there is a magic eye, an element typical of vintage radios. The speaker and the dial are surrounded by an ox bone-colored bakelite frame, which enhances these parts and embellish them. Under the dial and the speaker there are four round knobs, and between them we can see the logo of the company in golden letters attached to the wood. At the rear there is a plywood board that can be unscrewed to see the inside of the radio. The pieces and valves are original and are in very good condition, so they provide a perfect working and a clear and high sound. The beauty of this antique radio and its good condition turn it into an exclusive piece, worth belonging to the best collection. Belleza de esta radio antigua y su buen estado de conservación la convierten en una pieza exclusiva, digna de destacar en la colección más completa. Medidas: 525 mm ancho x 290 mm alto.

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