Elegant French Valve Radio L.M.T., from the 40's. With 'Magic Eye'. 220 V

Elegant French tube radio Unic, from the 40's. With 'magic eye' and in working order.



Beautiful wooden valve radio made by Radio LMT, manufactured in France in the 40s. Made of mahogany, it has been recently restored and shows an attractive polished shine that enhances the grain and color of the wood. The mechanism has also been repaired, and the radio works perfectly at 220 V. This is a beautiful and sober piece from the first half of the century. The design (typical of the era) and its beauty join the advantage of its perfect operation, which provides a loud and clear sound. The exterior of the radio is in great condition thanks to the recent restoration. In the middle, slightly off to the right (which provides an attractive asymmetry to the front), we can see the dial in black with inscriptions in yellow and blue. The dial is operated by a control located on the left side of the device. It is protected by glass and on top it has a "magic eye", a device that we can find in high-quality radios of the era, which works as a tune indicator. The speaker is protected by a fabric mesh in a delicate beige color. In front of the fabric, in the center of each opening, we can distinguish four straight gold bars, arranged in parallel and in pairs, which are meant to beautify and protect the panels and fabric covers. The mechanism is repaired and operational. To gain access to it, the back of the radio must be removed; it is held by small rotating levers. The device retains the original mechanism and the valve. It has a cable with a plug on which we can read the operating voltage: 220 V. Although some parts show slightly rusted areas, product of the years, this does not affect the operation and the unique charm of this beautiful radio, perfect for decorating any room and quite a find for lovers of vintage radios. Radio measurements: 550 mm wide x 320 mm high x 220 mm depht.

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