Solid Silver Antique Coffee Set. 7,8 kilos. Spain, Early 20th Century

Impressive Spanish coffee set in solid silver. Complete and very well preserved, even the samovar warmer.



Extraordinary antique solid-silver coffee set (7 kg 800 gms), complete and made in Spain in the early 20thcentury. This amazing set remains in excellent condition and is decorated with complicated hand-engraved motifs that increase its beauty. The set is composed of the following pieces: samovar, coffee pot, teapot, milk jar, sugar bowl and strainer. They all can be disposed and carried on a silver tray. In essence, the set shows off an outstanding beauty and an amazing condition, especially if we consider that it is nearly one century old. The ample silver trays edge is decorated with lovely embossed motifs that reach the side handles. Inside, a series of floral engravings embellish the lean silver which remains in superb condition. Among the rest of the pieces, the samovar stands out for its height and size. This piece includes an inner stove with a kettle on top. The stove stands on three stylized curved legs; it is finely preserved. The superb-looking kettle mounts a big-sized embossed silver handle that elevates over the coffee set. The rest of the teapot is decorated with embossed and engraved motifs too. The rest of the pieces that make up the coffee set are adorned with the same decoration as the samovar and the tray. The subtleness and delicacy of the engraved motifs is especially remarkable; they cover practically the entire silver pieces. The embossed motifs are present in the handles and the strainers edge and keep the aesthetic line of the engravings. Full of volutes and floral motifs, they are as delicate as precise and reveal the hand of a real silversmith artist. All the pieces bear the hallmarks of the silversmith and of the antique Spanish silverware. Complete and gorgeous, this extraordinary antique solid-silver coffee set will surely shine in the most spectacular dining room. Measurements: Tray: Width (without Handles): 24.4 in / 61 cm. Total Width: 30.8 in / 77 cm. Depth: 18.8 in / 47 cm. Weight: 2850 gms. Samovar: Bases Width: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Bodys Width: 7.4 in / 18.5 cm. Total Width: 10.8 in / 27 cm. Height: 19,4 in / 48,5 cms. Weight: 2335 gms. Teapot: Bases Width: 10 cm. Bodys Width: 15.5 cm. Total Width: 30 cm. Height: 22 cm. Weight: 935 g. Coffee Pot: Bases Width: 4 in / 10 cm. Bodys Width: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Total Width: 10.8 in / 27 cm. Height: 10 in / 25 cm. Weight: 817 gms. Milk Jar: Bases Width: 3 in/ 7.5 cm. Bodys Width: 4.8 in / 12 cm. Total Width: 7.6 in / 19 cm. Height: 5.2 in / 13 cm. Weight: 353 gms. Sugar Bowl: Bases Width: 3 in / 7.5 cm. Bodys Width: 4.4 in / 11 cm. Total Width: 6.8 in / 17 cm. Height: 6.6 in / 16.5 cm. Weight: 447 gms. Strainer: Length: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Height: 1.8 in / 4.5 cm. Depth: 3.4 in / 8.5 cm. Weight: 102 gms.

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