Antique Solid Silver Coffee Set. 7,5 Kg. Spain, Pps. S. XX

Complete and impressive coffee set in solid silver. With Quiliano Asenjo silverware stamp. Totally decorated by hand.



Spectacular antique solid-silver coffee set (7 kg 500 gms) made in Spain in the early 20th century. All the pieces that make up the set are amazingly preserved and bear the hallmark of antique Spanish silverware and the one of the silversmiths, Quiliano Asenjo. The set is complete and includes the following pieces: samovar, teapot, coffee pot, milk jar, sugar bowl and strainer, all of them disposed on an ample silver tray. These items show off a complex design with a baroque touch, full of hand-engraved and embossed decorative motifs. In essence this is a real work of art that dazzles us for its beauty and quality. The tray, designed to carry and exhibit the coffee set, is a lovely rectangular-shaped piece. Wide and sturdy, it is the perfect base for the items. The wonderful filigree work shown off at the edge is its most remarkable detail. Stylish and discreet, the filigree is composed of different classic-inspired volutes with openwork that lets the design breath. This amazing filigree frames the rest of the tray, made of lean silver and with two fine and discreet side handles. Another striking piece of this coffee set is the samovar. This item is made up by a tripod with a stove over which the kettle stands. The stove is perfectly preserved and remains complete and functional. The whole piece is covered of handmade engravings that combine floral motifs with elegant neoclassic and romantic symmetrical shapes. The rest of the items are also covered of a wide array of floral embossed motifs, intricate and complex, which reproduce some of the samovars decorations. Overall, this coffee set shows off a magnificent classic design bound to shine anywhere. This spectacular antique solid-silver coffee set is an exclusive piece, a real work of art with an outstanding quality and worthy of the most stylish dining room. Este espectacular juego de café antiguo en plata maciza es una pieza exclusiva, una obra de platería de la mejor calidad digna de un salón con estilo.Measurements: Tray: Width (without Handles): 21.4 in / 53.5 cm. Total Width: 26 in / 65 cm. Depth: 47 cm. Weight: 2320 gms. Samovar: Bases Width: 8 in / 20 cm. Total Width: 10.2 in / 25.5 cm. Height: 15.4 in / 38.5 cm. Weight: 3275 gms. Teapot: Bases Width: 3.2 in / 8 cm. Bodys Width: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Total Width: 9.2 in / 23 cm. Height: 6.8 in / 17 cm. Weight: 577 gms. Coffee pot: Bases Width: 3.2 in / 8 cm. Bodys Width: 5.2 in / 13 cm. Total Width: 9.2 in / 23 cm. Height: 8.2 in / 25.5 cm. Weight: 618 gms. Milk Jar: Bases Width: 2.6 in/ 6.5 cm. Total Width: 6.4 in / 16 cm. Height: 4.6 in / 11.5 cm. Weight: 287 gms. Sugar Bowl: Bases Width: 3 in / 7.5 cm. Bodys Width: 4.4 in / 11 cm. Total Width: 6.4 in / 16 cm. Height: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Weight: 379 gms. Strainer: Length: 5.6 in / 14 cm. Height: 1.2 in / 3 cm. Depth: 3.4 in / 8.5 cm. Weight: 94 gms.

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