Antique French Pocketknife Made in Thiers. France, 19th Century

Fine French pocketknife made in Thiers. More than one hundred years old. Very attractive.

230,00 €


Antique French navaja, folding knife or pocketknife made in Thiers, France in the 19th century, finely preserved. This piece shows a great design with an interesting material mixture, which together with the blades good condition turns it into a really attractive piece. The handle mounts horn and brass side plates with a delicate handmade decoration. Two of the brass appliques which adorn the side plates are missing, but in general the pocketknife preserves its beauty and functionality. The blade shows a slight movement; this is a scarcely appreciable detail which in no way interferes with the pocketknifes look or use. The handle is trimmed by a brass piece composed of three connected circular shapes, a classic detail in these pieces. All these features make up an exclusive and quality item, as beautiful as authentic. This antique French blade made in Thiers is a piece with an interest for collectors and lovers of ancient knives. Dimensions: Length: Closed: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm. Open: 11.61 in / 29.5 cm.

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