Antique Danish KTAS Telephone. In perfect working order. Denmark, 1920's

Magnificent KTAS Bakelite telephone made in Denmark. About 100 years old. In perfect working order.



Antique Danish KTAS telephone in perfect working order, made in the 1920s and with a very decorative design. It is an original piece, in really fine condition and that can be used to make and receive phone calls when connected to an analogue line. It cannot be used with digital lines though there are devices that make it possible to adapt these lines in order to connect the telephone. This item stands out too for its chromed-metal body and black plastic handset and base, all of them in very good condition. The wiring and the cord that connects the body and the handset are also original from the period and remain greatly preserved, and so do the switch hook and the dialer. The telephone was made by the Danish brand KTAS, a telephone company that is still active in Denmark. This company sold telephones manufactured by other firms such as the famous Bell Telephone Company and its European subsidiaries. It was founded in 1882 thanks to the investment of Carl Frederick Tiegten. We can see the KTAS brand name in the center of the dialer, printed in white lettering on a black background. On top of the dialer we can see two boxes. The right one is closed but the left one contains some cylinders with digits that make up a non-tested pulse counter. The chromed-metal body is shiny and even, with no dents, scratches or visible flaws. The same can be said about the handset and the base; these parts show some slight signs of use that are part of the telephones past and testify for its ancient age and history. Decorative and original, this antique Danish KTAS telephone in perfect working order will stand out as an exceptional decorative piece.

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