Antique English Military Compass of the 1st World War. England, 1918

Fascinating antique English military compass used during WWI. With British Army mark. In perfect working order.



Antique English military compass used in World War I, made in 1918 and in perfect working order. The compass remains in fine condition and keeps the charming essence of the authentic pieces which hide fascinating and unknown stories in their past. The case is made of solid mahogany wood and shows off the gorgeous golden-reddish color of the noble specie. This wood was used to manufacture military and ship instruments for its strength and temperature resistance. At the center of the lid we can see a small arrow stamped in the wood; this symbol indicates that the compass was used by the British army (it is an official mark). If we turn the case upside down we will also see the inscription J. WARDALE & CO. LONDON 1918 with the manufacturers name and city and the year of production. The compass itself has black printed scales on white enamel and brass metalwork, and it is in optimal working order. This antique English military compass used in World War I is a historic piece which any lover of war-related antiques will love to own. Measurements: Side: 3.2 in / 8 cm. Height: 1 in / 2.5 cm.

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