Beautiful Original Engraving from 1564. Antequera, Archidona, La Peña de Los Enamorados.

Beautiful color engraving representing the Peña de los Enamorados, in Archidona. Year 1564.



This amazing engraving, an original work dating from 1564, depicts four views of a rock called Peña de los Enamorados (Rock of the Lovers) located between the cities of Antequera and Archidona (Málaga, Spain).This is an engraving that reproduces an illustration by George Hoefnagel (Georgius Houfnaglious) with original coloring and a great decorative beauty. At the top of the engraving we can see the name of the depicted landscape (La Peña de los Enamorados) while the central drawing bears the word ARCHIDONA printed: it is the name of the depicted village. The top drawing shows a view of the Rock, and the two images at the bottom depict the Rock from another point of view and again the village of Archidona. Under the central image rests the draugthsman's name, (Effighiabat) Giorgius Houfnaglious, printed into the yellow frames that separate the images. To the left we can see an inscription in Spanish reading Camino de Granada (Way to Granada). Each drawing is identified with the name of the view depicted. La Peña de los Enamorados is a curios rock whose shape reminds us of a laying Indian; just because of this, the rock is also known as The Indian of Antequera. The name Rock of the Lovers refers to an ancient legend that tells how a Christian man and a Muslim girl hurled themselves from the top of the rock when escaping from her father, who did not approve their love. The engraving boasts a great profusion of nice colors and also a careful technique that fills it with charm and beauty. At the back of the map we find some printed Latin texts speaking about the village of Archidona that tell us that this nice engraving was part of a book published in the 16th century. The skies depicted in the pictures that make up the engraving draw powerfully our attention because of their incredible realism, just like the detailed reproduction of the landscapes, the houses and the mountains. Powerfully beautiful and undeniably charming, this 18th century engraving will shine on the wall of the most aristocratic room. Measurements: Paper: Width: 21.2 in/54 cm. Height: 15.7 in/40 cm. engraving: Width:18.5 in/47.6 cm. Height: 15.9 in/35.5 cm.

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