Beautiful Vintage Engraving Representing the Taking of Ulm. Original Color. France, 1820

Attractive antique French engraving with original coloring, depicting the Taking of Ulm. Year 1820



This fine colored engraving dates from 1820 and was made in France, being a fully original work of art that preserves the coloring applied after printed. The engraving depicts the taking of the city of Ulm in 1805 by the army of First French Empire led by Napoleon I. It's framed. It is in good condition and boasts a high decorative beauty, as well as a great historic interest. In the right bottom corner we can see the engravers name, Pigeot Sculp. These words correspond to François Pigeot, an artist and engraver born in France in 1775. The engraving reproduces a picture by Carle Horace Vernet (1758-1835), a famous French painter whose pictures of battles are famous all over the world. Vernet painted many battles of the Napoleonic Wars and even accompanied the French army in some campaigns such as the War of Crimea. His pictures served as a source of inspiration for many engravings and illustrations, such the one we can see in these images. The engraving depicts the day before the taking of the city of Ulm by the French army. The Battle of Ulm was part of the Napoleonic Wars and ended in October 16th with the victory of the French. This content took place after the signature of an alliance between Austria, England and Russian (the Third Coalition) that intended to prevent Napoleon from invading Europe. The allies designed a plan to invade France that would concentrate the Russian and the Austrian in Ulm so they could take Paris. The plan failed for different reasons and the battle ended when the Austrian general Mack von Lieberich surrendered to the French army with 30.000 men. This fine engraving is a collectors item, an antique and authentic work of art worthy of the most elegant study or living room. Measurements: Engraving: Width: 15.3 in/39 cm. Height: 11.2 in/28.5 cm. Frame: Width: 22.8 in/58 cm. Height: 11.7 in/47.5 cm.

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