Engraving of the Charter of the Civil Government of Spain and the Sovereign Councils. 1721

Engraving of the Charter of the Civil Government of Spain and the Sovereign Councils. Original. 1721



Amazing antique engraving describing the composition of the Spanish Civil Government and the Sovereign Councils, that is, the way in which the government of the nation was structured after the War of Spanish Succession. The engraving dates from 1721 and was made in France: the descriptive text is written in French. As well as the mentioned text that describes in detail the composition of each council, the engraving is illuminated with delicate images in black ink that illustrate every cartouche. The piece is in very good condition, showing only a slight ochre tone in the place where the two paper sheets that make it up are glued. At the top of the engraving we can read the title describing the work, written in French: Carte du Governement Civil dEspagne et de Tout les Conseils Souverains. In the center there is a bigger image with its corresponding cartouche that explains the composition and duties of the Council of State. To the left of this image a vertical column explains the disposition of the charges, while to the right there is a text about the Councils and the Jurisdictions. Over the image and between both columns, another cartouche titled Remarque (Note or Remark) gives us more details about the institution. The rest of the cartouches are smaller in size and they are all illustrated with delicate and beautiful images showing noble figures dressed in period costumes. As well as the Council of the Chamber of Castile and the Supreme Council of Aragon, the Chart also contains other organs such as the Council of the Inquisition and the Council of the Orders of Calatrava. These councils were similar to the current Government ministries and we can find other ones (some of them still existing, some quite curious) covering different affairs related to War Council, Millions (finances), the Crusade, the Indians, Flanders, Forests and Gardens, Apolento and Italy. The texts is quite interesting as it explains in detail the way in which the Spanish Government was structured almost than three hundred years ago, being the origin of current Spanish political institutions. This striking engraving from the 18th century brings together beauty and historic interest, being the perfect piece to decorate an elegant study or living room. Measurements: Width: 19.8 in/ 50.5 cm. Height: 17.1 in/43.5 cm.

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