Impressive Engraving with the Genealogical Tree of the Kings of England. Year 1608.

Antique engraving of the genealogical tree of the Kings of England. Year 1608. Original color, very beautiful.



This ancient colored engraving depicts the family tree of the Kings of England, from the first rulers to the ones that were reigning the year when it was made (1608). It is an amazing work of art for many reasons: its authenticity, its aesthetical beauty and its excellent condition. The engraving is quite decorative: it was performed with a notable naturalistic technique and a wonderful coloring. The colors are original and are quite well preserved, looking as bright and lively as they were hundreds of years ago. The engraving shows a great profusion of blue shades that fill it with lightness and shine. As it is usual in this kind of schemes, the most relevant motive is the tree that stands in the middle of the sheet and expands all over it. The cartouches corresponding to the first rulers in the English monarchy rest on the trees roots. They were Mathilde and Godofredus, a couple who were the origin of the offspring that grows all over the trunk. Some of the cartouches (all of them beautifully painted in blue) bear crowns on them; this indicates that the figure described was also a king or a queen. The trees branches are decorated with fine leaves and acorns. At the top of the engraving we can see the colorful portraits of a king and a queen, those who then ruled over the Islands: Jacob the 5th of Scotland and 1st of England and Anne of Denmark, his wide. On the other hand, to the right we can see a huge cartouche describing what we can see in this engraving. An English coat of arms and a still life with fruit hang from it. Last but not least, in the bottom half of the engraving there is a great landscape in full color depicting a land with soft hills and ploughed by streams. To the left of the landscape we can see the Royal Palace with its corresponding cartouche: PALATIUM REG. This engravings beautiful design, together with its gorgeous coloring and historic relevance, turn it into a piece worthy of the best collector. Measurements: Paper: Width: 17.3 in/44 cm. Height: 23.2 in/59 cm. Engraving: Width: 15.1 in/38.5 cm. Height: 21.1 in/53.8 cm.

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