Beautiful Antique Engraving with Scene of the Battle of Ratisbon. France, 1820.

French engraving with a scene of the Battle of Ratisbon. Year 1820, original framing.



Great original antique engraving, made in France in 1820, that depicts a complex scene of the Battle of Ratisbon. It is an ancient work that preserves the original coloring, full of bright and lively colors. The engraving comes framed. The scene is full of life, with different parts that show the course of the battle: the generals drawing up the strategy, the movement of the horses, the troops fighting In the right bottom corner of the engraving we can see the inscription Pigeot Sculp. These words indicate that the work was made by the French engraver François Sculpt, born in 1775. The engraving reproduces a picture by Carle Horace Vernet (1758-1835), a relevant French artist noted for his war paintings. His big works with scenes of the Napoleonic Wars were profusely reproduced in engravings and illustrations such as the one we can see in these images. Vernet was a real war correspondent and accompanied the French army in some campaigns, drawing scenes and battles that he would later turn into impressive pictures. As we can read in the title printed below the engraving, this depicts the Battle of Ratisbon, a content that took place in April 1809. Also known as Battle of Regensburg, the battle was part of the Napoleonic Wars and confronted the armies of the First French Empire and the Austrian Empire, governed by the Archduke Charles. During this battle Napoleon suffered a minor injure in his ankle, produced by artillery fire. The engraving shows the battle in a dynamic and lively way, with the city surrounded by fires at the background (below a beautiful sky), the troops fighting in the center and the French officers and soldiers in the foreground, standing out for the bright blue, red and yellow colors of their uniforms. The epic feel and excellent making of this engraving turn it into a great work of art with a strong decorative power.Measurements: Engraving: Width: 15.3 in/39 cm. Height: 11.3 in/28.5 cm. Frame: Width: 22.8 in/58 cm. Height: 18.7 in/47.5 cm.

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