Engraving of the year 1564 of Alhama de Granada. Illustration by George Hoefnagel.

Impressive engraving with illustration by G Hoefnagel, year 1564. Representing the town of Alhama.



This spectacular ancient engraving, published in the 16th century, reproduces a drawing by the famous Flemish draughtsman and illuminator George Hoefnagel (Joris Hoefnagel). The engraving, full of color and beautifully drawn, depicts the Spanish city of Alhama (Granada) as it looked more than four centuries ago. It preserves the original lively and bright colors that give life to the mountains, fields, houses and characters. The work bears the name of the city printed at the top, inside a fine red frame. The engraving is surrounded by a yellow frame that makes it stand out of the paper. The author of the original illustration, George o Joris Hoefnagel (1542-1601), is considered the last of the great Flemish manuscript illuminators and the foremost topographical draughtsman of his age. Hoefnagel made many drawings of places of Spain and Italy and his works are bright and realist, with a very naturalist and lively style that matches perfectly with the detailed reproduction of the landscapes and the cities. In this engraving we can see the name of George Hoefnagel (Georgius Hoefnagle) printed at the bottom, in the middle of the frame. The inscription Camino de Granada (Way to Granada) is also printed to the left and to the right. The engraving depicts the city of Alhama resting in a beautiful valley, full of green hills and streams. In the foreground we can see some figures of travelers and country people that give life to the picture, with ancient clothes colorfully depicted. The figures are dressed in different ways, with Arab-style headdresses or Occidental-style robes. They are quite realistic and have been depicted when moving and talking; they are quite charming and testify for the skill of the great illustrator that made the original drawing. The decorative power of this work of art comes together with its ancient age to make up a unique piece, worthy of the best collector. Measurements: Paper: Width: 20.4 in/52 cm. Height: 15.7 in/40. Engraving: Width: 18 in/45.8 cm. Height: 13.3 in/34.3 cm.

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