Engraving with the Genealogical Tree of the Kings of Aragon. Year 1608. Original Color

Impressive engraving with the family tree of the Kings of Aragon. Year 1608, original color.



Striking engraving from 1608 depicting the family tree of the Kings of Aragon from the 9th century to the moment when the engraving was sculpted. This work is completely original from the time. This item was surely part of a book about genealogies, and a proof of it is the presence of a descriptive Latin text at its back. At the top of the engraving we can read the following title: REGES ARRAG. VETERES (Old Kings of Aragon). The scheme is shaped as a tree and is depicted in a very naturalist way, with its corresponding trunk, branches and leaves. The tree is firmly planted in the ground where it grows on; in the ground we find the first cartouche with the original kings. From there on, the genealogy expands among the branches; from two of them hang two coats of arms: to the left the one belonging to Castle and Leon, and to the right the coat of arms of Aragon. Over the tree we can see the beautiful cartouche with the title, flanked by two figureheads in the shape of naked women. There are also two branches with fruits, one on each side, and other two cartouches, one of them at the end of a branch. The lower part of the engraving is especially attractive as it is completely decorated with a colorful drawing depicting the old city of Burgos. The landscape is extremely beautiful, well outlined and full of bright colors. In the background we can see some mountains to the right and the Castle of Burgos to the left. In front of them lays the city with its red roofs. In the foreground we can see a church or monastery with blue roofs and two small figures (a traveler and a peasant with a donkey) that give life to the scene, providing it with even more charm. This amazing engravings ancient age is only one of its many attractive features. It is undoubtedly a piece worthy of a museum or a relevant library. Measurements: Paper: Width: 12 in/30.5 cm. Height: 38.9 in/44 cm. Engraving: Width:9.7 in/24.8 cm. Height: 15.31 in/38.9 cm.

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