Genealogical Tree, 1721

Fantastic engraving with the genealogy of the House of Austria. France, year 1721. Original of the period.



This historic document is a very ancient engraving that depicts the family tree of the kings and emperors of the House of Austria until the early 18th century. This is a beautiful work of art with lovely illustration and descriptive texts, all of them orderly disposed in many cartouches connected by naturalist-style branches. The cartouches are written in a nice and tiny lettering that details, as the upper title reads, the Genealogical Chart of the Imperial Mansion of Austria and the Different Branches that Make it Up, Accompanied by the Imperial and Spanish Coats of Arms. This title explains perfectly what we can see in this engraving. The article is composed of two big paper pages that were probably part of a book and could be unfolded. From the central trunk of the family tree, located just in the middle, grow branches that repeat the same structure on both sides and explain the family history of the House of Austria. The left page depicts the genealogy of the Spanish kings and is embellished with a fine engraving of the Monastery of the Escorial, together with the Spanish coat of arms surrounded by the ones of the different Spanish regions and kingdoms. To the right of the tree we can see the branch of the Austrian kings that came from Tyrol, with its corresponding coats of arms. Under them there is an engraving of the Erensburg castle or palace. The engraving is in wonderful condition and scarcely shows any sign of the trace of time, in spite of being almost three hundred years old. The engravings depicting the buildings and coats of arm are greatly performed and the same can be said about the branched that connect the cartouches. Overall this is an enormously beautiful engraving, bound to be shown off on an important wall in the most elegant living room. The best collectors of historic antiques and royalty-related documents will find a great piece in this engraving, a true original from the 18th century. Measurements: Width: 40.35 in/102.5 cm. Height: 17.2 in/43.7 cm.

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