Antique Binoculars Possibly for Military Use. Circa 1910

Nostalgic binoculars with leather case in good working condition. Original piece over a hundred years old. Possible military use.



Antique binoculars with original old-time case, probably for military uses and dated circa 1910. The binoculars are original from the time and remain in good working order. The front side shows some dents in the metal rings that frame the lenses; nevertheless, these are mere aesthetic details that do not interfere at all in the articles good performance. The optical component parts have some tiny dust particles but anyway it enables a clear and neat vision. The binoculars still fulfill their duty perfectly and can be used just like when they were made, more than one hundred years ago. The leather that covers the front of the article is in very good condition and so is the eyepiece component, made of black bakelite. The leather case shows clearly the ravages of time and use, but it has surely protected the binoculars for decades and preserved them in good working order. An attractive, singular and original item, these antique binoculars more than one hundred years old are still a functional piece with a great interest for any collector. Measurements: Width: 4.52 in / 11.5 cm. Length: Maximum: 4.64 in / 11.8 cm. Minimum: 3.26 in / 8.3 cm.

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