Antique Stereoscopic Apparatus with 75 views. Vintage Box. Circa 1920

Beautiful and evocative antique stereoscopic apparatus with 75 vintage views. In its original velvet case. Authentic and charming item.



Charming antique stereoscopic viewer with 75 stereoscopic views in ancient box. This curious and evocative item was made circa 1920 and remains in very good condition and perfect working order. The device or viewer is entirely made of solid mahogany wood; it is a really gorgeous piece which makes it possible to view stereoscopic images. The wood is wonderfully preserved: the peak is protected by an antique shiny finish, original from the time and finely restored. The viewer mounts a foldable handle below, attached to its wooden casing by a brass hinge. The hinge is also perfectly preserved. The device comes with 75 old-time stereoscopic views printed on cardboard, with their respective descriptions and the publishers signature printed at the margins. The device and the cards are stored in their original case, a lovely box with a blue-velvet outer lining. The fabric is somewhat worn but still preserves its beautiful bright color. Inside it is covered by paper and remains in good condition. Charming and exclusive, this antique stereoscopic device with 75 stereoscopic views in their ancient box is a really special item.

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