Antique Crossbow. Working. France, XIX Century

Genuine antique crossbow in excellent condition. More than a century old. In perfect working condition.



This fine piece is an antique crossbow, made in France in the 19th century and remaining in quite good condition. The crossbow is fully original from the period and keeps all its component parts and pieces. The wooden structure shows a discreet and antique repair, perfectly performed and enabling the crossbow to be used with no problem at all. The structure is made of solid walnut wood with a lovely golden-brown color and preserving the original polished finish. At the place located between the stock and the sight there is a brass plate with a hand-engraved inscription: THIS Boluevard du Temple, 43 Paris. In order to shoot the crossbow (which comes with a bow dated later) the user must press the button at the top, which will block the trigger. Then, he or she will be able to put the arrow on the crossbow; once loaded, it can already be shot by pulling the trigger. The great beauty and authenticity of this charismatic and antique crossbow turn it into the perfect piece to decorate a very special room, as well as an item worthy of the most demanding collector of antique weapons. Measurements: Arch: 32.28 in / 82 cm. Lenght: 32.28 in / 82 cm.

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