Spanish Bicorn, Circa 1920

Antique engineer officer's bicorn from the time of Alfonso XIII. With original case and key.



This amazing article is an antique bicorn for the Agronomy Engineers civil cops, stored in its original case and in wonderful condition. The bicorn belongs to the era when Alphonse the III was the king of Spain (1886-1931), and was madein Spain. It comes in its original painted metal case, with the lock and the key in perfect condition: it shows off an impressive condition, especially if we consider its ancient age. This is surely an authentic and rare piece that will catch the eye of every lover of antiques. The bicorn that we can see in the images is covered of black fur, a material that covers both sides and the central part too. The edges show off a lovely golden embroidered lining that makes a deep and lovely contrast with the black fur. In one of the hats sides there is a silk rosette with the colors of the Spanish flag (red and yellow), covered by a group of brown and golden cords tied to a golden metal button. Inside the hat shows a fine white satin lining with the mark of the maker: JUSTO GOMEZ, a hat shop located in Madrid. On the other hand, the storing case is made of metal sheet and is painted brown. The enameled finish is embellished with a golden painted line. This fantastic Spanish bicorn is a historic piece, as well preserved as decorative and fascinating.Royal Corps of Agricultural Engineers The first uniforms receiving the agricultural engineers are defined by Royal Order of April 2, 1878, issued as a proposal from the Directorate General of Public Instruction, Agriculture and Industry. Interestingly, it is spoken of "Corps Shield" when the Corps of Agricultural Engineers, being strict, has not been established yet (will be created by the Royal Decree of 14 February 1879). The uniform will be ratified in the Organic Regulation of the Corps of Agricultural Engineers of 1887 (RD of December 9 / G. 15). In 1879 the Corps has chief engineers, first engineers, second and third engineers. 1878 standard defines gala uniforms, residence and field. For gala, wearing a royal blue coat, sword and bicorn.

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