Antique T & H Doublet Angle Protractor. England, 19th c.

Nostalgic angle protractor T. & H-Doublet in original case. Device used in engineering and navigation. Museum piece.



Nostalgic antique T. & H. Doublet protractor in very good condition and in its original case. This piece was made in England in the 19th century and was used in technical fields such as engineering, architecture and navigation. Though the protractor is in very good condition, there is one small component part missing in the fine-tuning wheel mechanism.The protractor is completely made of brass. The metal is in very good condition, with no traces of rust or important signs of wear. It is composed of a brass wheel with thick radii and two side foldable metal plates. One of the brass radii bears the hand-engraved inscription T. & H. Doublet 6 Moogate St Manufactory 7 City Road. T. & H. Doublet was registered in London in 1853 as an optic material manufacturing company. In 1868 they moved to Moorgate Street. As well as optic material, the firm also made barometers. As stated before, the protractor comes in its original antique case. This piece is a delicate solid-mahogany wooden box, covered inside with red velvet. The wood is in excellent condition. If we turn the case upside down, at its base we can see an antique and slightly worn paper sticker with the handwritten inscription Rapporteur Anglais. This beautiful antique English protractor is a piece with a relevant scientific and historic interest and an amazing exhibition item too. Measurements: Width: 7.5 in / 19 cm. Depth: 6.9 in / 17.5 cm.

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