Spectacular Antique French Stiassnie Microscope. France, Circa 1890

Amazing antique Stiassnie microscope in striking condition. Original case and accessory set. Museum piece.



Microscopio Francés Stiassnie. Francia, Circa 1890
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Spectacular Antique French Stiassnie Microscope. France, Circa 1890

Spectacular Stiassnie microscope made in France circa 1890, for professional use and in exceptional condition. It comes in its original mahogany wooden case and includes a set of 2 eyepieces and 3 objectives, all of them marked by the brad. Both the microscope and the accessory set are in perfect working order – the shutter’s pin is dismantled so currently this device is not functional, but the pin is included so it can be mounted again if wished. The rest of the component parts are in perfect working order. The rack-and-pinion system of the turret moves softly and enables a correct focusing of the samples. The black-enameled foot looks shiny and even, and the brass top part preserve the original transparent lacquer and looks really amazing. The turret bears the hand-engraved manufacturer’s name. M. Stiassnie, and the street of Paris where the workshop was once located. The microscope mounts a four-lens revolving nosepiece and includes a box with ancient samples, and a set of non-used glass plates. The storing case is finely preserved and has the original lock and key in perfect working order.

For its great condition and quality, this spectacular French Stiassnie microscope is worthy to belong to a science and technology museum.

Dimensions: Width: 4.92 in / 12.5 cm. Height: 6.88 in / 36 cm. Depth: 6.88 in / 17.5 cm.

History of Stiassnie Microscopes

The history of these rare microscopes begins with Constant Vérick, an optician who learned his craft under the tutelage of Edmund Hartnack. Hartnack was the nephew of Georges Oberhauser, one of the most popular opticians and microscope makers of the 19th century. Maurice Stiassnie, Vérick's son-in-law, worked as manager of his father-in-law's workshop until he assumed ownership of the business in 1882. Originally based at 43 Rue des Ecole in Paris, the company later moved to 204 Boulevard Raspail. In 1892, Maurice Stiassnie created a new company together with his brother under the name Stiassnie Frères, Paris. After World War II, the company was unable to cope with strong competition and went bankrupt. In the 1970s an attempt was made to relaunch the business under the name Sté. Nouvelle de Microscopie Stiassnie, but it was a failure and the company disappeared definitively.

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