Spectacular Reuge 144-Note Interchangeable Grand Cartel SH 4/144 Music Box

Amazing vintage music box with an imposing presence and excellent sound quality. Faithful replica of an early-18th-century piece.



Spectacular 144-note Interchangeable Grand Cartel Music Box, made in Switzerland and with an amazing design. This is the Grand Cartel SH 4/144 model made by Reuge, the largest in its catalog, an incredible combination of piece of furniture and music box which reproduces faithfully the classic early 19th-century designs (Circa 1800). The music box is mounted on a stylized table, both of them being made of walnut wood and rosewood with light-colored wooden inlays. It is in very good condition although the cover has a light scratch and what looks like a small burn. The legs, the molding and the inside of the music box bear a gorgeous faux-ebony finish, while the rest of the pieces bear a glossy French-polish finish which enhances their beauty.The music box is a real work of art, being the biggest model ever made by Reuge. In fact, it is twice as big as the standard model with three cylinders and the same number of tunes (SH 3/144), and its sound quality is clearly higher. This piece includes 5 cylinders, each one with 4 tunes (20 tunes in all). The cylinders are kept in the drawer under the box, which has a lock and a key to guarantee their safety. This music box does not only reproduce the look of 18th-century models, but it mounts a similar mechanism with a big-sized cylinders, two-piece comb with controls to the right and change/repetition functions. As well as providing a wonderful sound, aesthetically it is an exceptional piece with an uncommon beauty. The selection of tunes of this music box is as follows: Cylinder 1: Till the end of time (Chopin), Pastoral (Beethoven), Turkish March (Mozart) and Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky). Cylinder 2: March of the Toy Soldiers, Swam Lake, Chinese Dance and Piano Concerto Nº1 (Tchaikovski). Cylinder 3: The four seasons (Vivaldi), Hungarian Rapsody (Liszt), La Traviata (Verdi) and Carmen (Bizet). Cylinder 4: Blue Danube (Strauss), Vienna Life (Strauss), Danube Waves (Ivanovici) and Viena Woods (Strauss). Cylinder 5: Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart), The Thieving Magpie (Rossini), Piano Concerto and y 18th Variation (Rachmaninov). This spectacular 144-note Interchangeable Grand Cartel Music Box will shine in a big dining room or music rooms, arising passions with its great sound and imposing presence. Dimensions: See photo 2.

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