Antique Richard Frères Stereo Viewer for 45x107 Plates. France, Circa 1900

Striking antique viewer for stereoscopic phot plates in amazing condition. In perfect working order. Signed by Richard Frères.



Charming antique Richard Frères mechanical viewer for 45x107 stereoscopic plates, made in France circa 1900 and in wonderful condition. The viewer is signed by the renowned photographic material manufacturers and has survived to our days in perfect working order. The viewers case is composed of several solid-mahogany wooden pieces, in almost impeccable condition and preserving the gorgeous original finish. The finish shows off a warm glow that enhances the bright red color of the wood. At the viewers front side, the eyepieces are mounted on a chromed-metal structure and have black plastic edges. The metal is also finely preserved and shows no visible traces of rust of wear. At the right side of the viewer we can also see a plastic knob that enables the user to focus the vision of the plates. This can be inserted through the right-side groove; the groove has a screwed black wooden piece which bears the engraved manufacturers mark. Under the eyepieces there is a small bone-white plate with the brand and models name, VÉRASCOPE RICHARD. The front side mounts a smoked-glass pane which lets the light through, something essential to visualize the images. The glass is attached to a wooden frame; this is connected to the case by hinges. This antique Richard Frères mechanical viewer for 45x107 stereoscopic plates is the perfect companion to watch old-time photos and preserves the charm of turn-of-the-century photographic articles.Richard Frères - History The history of the famous optic and photographic material Company Richard Frères starts in 1876, when Jules Richard takes over the firm founded by his father in Paris. In the beginning the business made scientific, mathematical and surveying instruments. In 1882 Jules formed a partnership with his brother Max and the company is renamed Richard Frères. Though it was dissolved in 1891, the monogram RF was retained as the brand logo. It was precisely then when the firm started to focus into the manufacture of photographic material. Max Richard also went into this trade; he become a partner of Leon Gaumont and both founded the famous cinematographic Company.

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